Self-Care Syllabus

Hello world,

Some of you may have noticed the trend in social change work, specifically racial justice, to develop pages dedicated to readings and other resources around the topic area. Here are some examples:

Ferguson Syllabus


What To Do Instead of Calling The Police

I am working on developing a “Self-Care Syllabus” for this blog.

Relevant resources could include a variety of

  • Readings (articles, books, etc.)
  • Research
  • Guided practices
  • Media (films, podcasts, etc.)
  • Art
  • and other items

I intend for this resource to be especially relevant given the recent world tragedies against people of color and other marginalized groups, and the pressing need to discuss self-care, health and wellness, and it’s intersections with identity and politics (which you know this blog is already quite focused on). I also want this resource to bridge the gap between communities, scholars, and healing practitioners, and so articles/resources that offer critique or alternative perspectives are especially welcome.

I’ve developed a Google Doc for gathering resources with loose headings – feel free to add more as you see fit! And spread the word! I’ll keep this open for at least a couple of weeks and then will be compiling, cleaning, and publishing on this blog. I anticipate I will also be updating this resource after this initial phase.

Thanks and love to you all!



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