For Educators, Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Organizers

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Teaching Yoga:

The Problem With Making Top Yoga Teacher Lists And Building False Pedestals

Access Centered Movement

Black Yoga Teachers Alliance – Resources

When People of Color Say They Want Their Own Yoga, White People Should Listen

3 Reasons to Curb Corrections in Yoga Class

Yoga Activist, Inc. is organized to build connections between qualified yoga instructors, social service providers, government agencies and communities that have little or no access to the science of yoga and its use as a self-empowerment tool. This is accomplished through educating yoga instructors in appropriate ways to bring yoga to communities including but not limited to homeless, trauma survivors, at-risk youth, prison populations, and persons with drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness or physical impairment.

Teaching Mindfulness:

Shanti Generation – Guiding Teens to bring mindfulness to life. Resources on page.

Mindfulness Education – Steven Universe episode clip. For fun.

Ruth King is an Insight Meditation Teacher and Emotional Wisdom author and consultant. King is the creator of the Mindful of Race Training — A Stimulus for Social Healing and Leadership, the 8-week course Mindfulness Practices for Living Well, the DVD programMindful Approaches to Cultural Competency, and the audio program Embracing the Mad Mind — Cultivating Calm in Chaos. King is also the author of The Emotional Wisdom Cards,Soothing The Inner Flames of Rage — Meditations That Educate the Heart and Transform the Mind, and Healing Rage–Women Making Inner Peace Possible.

White Awake  is an open source curriculum that brings mindfulness, critical inquiry, and embodied forms of practice to white affinity work and the development of white racial awareness. The work is evolving, collaborative, and responsive to the needs of white individuals and white-dominant communities who want to increase our understanding of racism and leverage our privilege to end it.

Teaching Teenagers to Cope With Social Stress – Students develop resilience through sharing and learning with peers.

‘Release’ – A short film about middle schoolers learning meditation

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