Scholar Activism, Critical Theory

A History of Self-Care: From its radical roots to its yuppie-driven middle age to its election-inspired resurgence.

How Therapy Became A Hobby of the Wealthy – Rather Than A Necessity for the Mentally Ill

Why Employers Love Advocating Self-Care – And what’s wrong with doing so.

Nonprofit with Balls– A great weekly blog by Vu Le, an Executive Director from Seattle, who tackles nonprofit topics such as self care with humor and wit.

When Wellness Is a Dirty Word

Self-Care is Warfare – A thesis zine about how practicing self-care is a revolutionary act. Put together by my friend!

Kristin Neff – Researches compassion. Link includes guided meditations and self-compassion exercises in addition to research and other resources.

6 Ways to End Exclusion in Yoga

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