Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness

Yoga [classes]

**Many of these webpages offer a diverse selection of yoga and meditation classes, based on focus, duration, and experience level**

Yoga Green Book  – Specifically for people of color

YogaGlo – Online yoga and meditation for $18/month (start with a free 15 day trial!)

Yoga International – Online yoga and meditation for $15/month (start with a free 30 day trial!)

Yoga Anytime – $18/month with a free 15 day trial

Yoga Works – $15/month with a free 7 day trial

Gaia – First month $0.99 and then pay $20 for 3 months

Yoga with Adriene – FREE videos

Yoga [teachers & articles]:

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher, body positive advocate, and writer based in Durham, North Carolina. Jessamyn uses high energy vinyasa flow as a way to move past mental and emotional barriers. Her classes provide a body positive approach to yoga which celebrates students’ bodies and encourages them to ask “How do I feel?” rather than “How do I look?” when practicing yoga.

Black Girl in Om – Promotes holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color

Developing Antifragility in Practice: The Necessary Side of Stress

Doing yoga at work – Brief description of the benefits, as well as asanas (‘poses’) that can be done discreetly

Grounded Here is a good friend’s yoga and ayurvedic business. Explore Andrea’s page and find her blog, podcasts, and workshops, many of which you can participate in despite your location. I interviewed Andrea last spring.

But I Thought All Yoga Was Therapeutic?

Awaken with JP – A sardonic take on spiritual superiority

7 Common Misconceptions About Down Dog – Very important pose!

Meditation & Mindfulness:

Meditation 101: Failure Is Actually Success

Meditation Can Change Your Life. Here’s How to get Started.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workbook

Headspace is a popular meditation app for smart phones. Plus, here are a couple other articles detailing free apps from Self and

Loving kindness meditation – Especially helpful for cultivating self-compassion and dealing with “difficult people.”

Mindfulness for burnout reduction/prevention – Brief description, as well as links to different mindfulness modalities/resources.

Kristin Neff – Researches compassion. Link includes guided meditations and self-compassion exercises in addition to research and other resources.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workbook – From Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Mindfulness Education – Steven Universe episode clip. For fun.

Other Practices:

How coloring mandalas can help de-clutter the mind and soothe stress (Written by my friend Veronica, who I interviewed this winter!)


You feel like shit. – Online self-check tool to assist those who struggle with self-care and determining sources/causes of unhappiness.

81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Can’t Afford a Therapist

Self-Care Starter Kit – From University of Buffalo School of Social Work

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